The BuzzLine – Week 3 – Pomp and Circumstance

Many thanks to last week’s BuzzLine participants and congratulations to Week 2 winner, Joanna Leis! Keep an eye open for your Starbucks gift card, Joanna.

Remember, the BuzzLine is a weekly contest that challenges PR, marketing, media and communications pros to deliver a smart, witty, creative or humorous six-word commentary – or BuzzLine – in response to a question about a recent news story or media topic.

Last week, for example, we asked what six words you would use to help Sir Richard Branson sell tickets for a ride on a Virgin Galactic spaceship. “Four minutes of infinity and beyond,” “Explore the cosmos! Home by dinner,” and “Your own Star Trek, not Hollywood’s” are just some of the BuzzLines we received. You can see all of them here.

Ready for Week 3? Just put your six-word masterpiece in the comments. You’ll have fun and you could win an extra hot, triple shot, organic whatever on us (and punch your ticket to the quarterly playoffs!).

OK, buzz off on this:

If you listen closely this time of year, you may hear a few bars of “Pomp and Circumstance” as newly minted college graduates take their seats before commencement speakers take the stage.

According to the Washington Post, Bill Clinton gets the podium tomorrow at Howard University. Oprah will speak at Harvard May 30th. And Michael Bloomberg is headed to Stanford. They will undoubtedly have more than six words to say, but you won’t!

If you were to deliver a six-word commencement speech to the Class of 2013, what six words would you share?


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