The BuzzLine – Week 2 – The Final Frontier

Thanks to everyone who participated in the inaugural BuzzLine last week, and congrats to Week 1 winner, CRT/tanaka’s Emily Lacy! Before we get to Week 2, let’s recap quickly.

The BuzzLine is a weekly contest that challenges PR, marketing, media and communications pros to deliver a smart, witty, creative or humorous six-word commentary – or BuzzLine – in response to a question about a recent news story.

Last week, we asked what six words of advice you might give Apple to help it regain its shine as sales slow. “Bolster your genius, not your stock,” “Quickly eradicate the Android fruit fly,” and “Put bottle opener on iPhone Six” are just some of the BuzzLines we received. See all of them here.

Ready for Week 2? Just put your six-word masterpiece in the comments. You’ll have fun and you could win a grande, no-whip, iced whatever on us (and punch your ticket to the quarterly playoffs!).

Now. Buzz (err, blast?) off on this:

This week, Virgin Galactic successfully flight tested SpaceShipTwo, making $200,000 rocket rides to four minutes of weightlessness a closer reality.

If Richard Branson gave you six words to sell a ticket for the inaugural launch, what six words would you use?


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