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Not known as an industry at the forefront of the digital world, VinTank and its tireless leader Paul Mabray have continuously tried to usher the wine industry into the new world. Well, as of last week, they’re letting us know they are about to push a lot harder, and it should be awesome.

Already known for their next level social engagement with “the most powerful algorithms to understand what people say about wine and especially your brand,” VinTank announced last week that it was acquired by the W2O Group, an ecosystem of digital communications companies. This is particularly notable news given W2O has not previously been connected to the wine industry.

“As a result of this purchase, I think we can truly catalyze the industry into meaningful and healthy change in how they understand and relate to their customers,” Mabray told Forbes. He also wrote in the official announcement on the VinTank blog:

       “Not only is our software joining them but we’ll be working closely with their award winning analytics team to bring new and exciting insights to the wine industry. We have always been aware that we are sitting on the largest data set the wine industry has ever seen. Now, in partnership with W2O, we can tell brands about their customer profiles and their additional interests outside of wine.”

So, what does this mean for the rest of us?

PaulIf you already use VinTank for your winery or brand (we use their platform for our Wines from Rioja client to keep our program ahead of the curve and keep us more closely connected to our loyal customers and campaign partners), their offering is about to get even better. With W2O backing the young company, and given their expertise in analytics, VinTank will have the juice (pun intended) to keep advancing, grow their offering outside the wine world, and strengthen customer engagement and e-sales tools within our little bubble.

Like I said, it should be pretty awesome. Congratulations Paul, James and everyone at VinTank! We are excited to see the next chapter.


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