Using Storytelling to Grow Community Engagement

5060855417_35b1057cef_z (2)One thing you should never underestimate: the power of a good story.

A story can transform how people think about and connect with your brand – and makes your brand personal. For healthcare organizations especially, the topics we discuss are often complicated. By telling stories, you can make your work come to life in an understandable, digestible way.

At PadillaCRT, our clients’ customers frequently tell us that they may have been aware, but only engaged with our client after learning about a real person whose story illustrated why the organization’s work was important.

Focusing on stories that are authentic and emotionally impactful is the key here. One of the best ways to rally a community of people around your organization is to move them on an emotional level. This is where passionate and personal storytelling can be incredibly effective.

Don’t just tell people why they should care. Show them.

In the healthcare world, we have an advantage in finding great stories, because essentially, we are all working toward the same goal: making people healthier. It’s a very relatable goal. If your organization has helped one person in a significant, meaningful way, you have a story to tell.

Image: Don Kennedy via Flickr, CC 2.0

So, how do you tell stories to build community support for your organization? Here are 5 tips for telling a compelling, attention-grabbing story:

When storytelling is done well and follows these elements, it can make a huge impact, and boost brand loyalty and engagement.

How have you used storytelling for your organizations and clients? Do you have additional tips to add to this list? Let us know in the comments!


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