A Must-Have Guide to Creating a PR Plan that Doesn’t Suck

I’ve been reading the Spin Sucks blog for over four years. Yes, four years, the same amount of time it took me to earn a college degree! A four year commitment may sound like hard work, but it doesn’t feel that way.

anigif_enhanced-7462-1391636269-16It was 2010; I had recently left my first big girl job after college to embark on my next career adventure. I was hired for a brand new position as the social media manager for an association. My purpose was to build the organization’s social media presence and strategy from the ground up, alone. Working in a marketing and communications department of three, I was starving for the opportunity to learn from others in my industry so I could become a better communications professional.

Then, I stumbled upon Spin Sucks.

Reading Spin Sucks every morning was a dose of PR inspiration and just the practical knowledge I needed to continue to take my work and career to the next level. Spin Sucks connected me with a community of other readers, PR professionals and marketing enthusiasts that kept me on my toes and encouraged me to become a better PR professional.

So when Gini Dietrich finally wrote Spin Sucks the book (it was about darn time) I seized the opportunity to be a Spin Sucks Ambassador and review the book prior to its release. Here are a couple of highlights:

Even after being an avid reader of the blog, Spin Sucks the book continued to inspire me. It was easy to read, and I loved that it reminded me of reading Gini’s blog posts, clear, practical and rich in storytelling. I think it’s a must read for any PR, communications or marketing professional and entrepreneurs and business owners.

It’s time for us to show people, PR isn’t about spin. PR is made of bright, caring and passionate individuals with a creative expertise. An expertise that when applied strategically has been known to inspire positive growth and change in businesses, raise awareness and contributions for important causes, bring together communities for a common goal or purpose and empower individuals to take action!

Why do you think spin sucks? If you’ve read the book, what was your favorite chapter? What was a big “a-ha” for you? Can’t wait to chat with you all in the comments!

Psst…win, win all around…if you purchase the book by April 5 and email Gini Dietrich your receipt she’ll send you some free content (eBooks, webinars, you name it) so really, what are you waiting for?!
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