Social Media Food Trends in 2021

Last year will go down as a year known for many, many things. But for foodies, it might be dubbed as the year for social media food trends that breathed a little extra life and joy into kitchens across the country when it was needed the most.

While things are looking up for 2021, we know that normalcy is not quite on the horizon. However, it’s safe to say that those entertaining cooking tutorials and trends are not going anywhere. Why? Because we’re still spending more time at home and in our kitchens than ever before. In fact, a recent food study found that around 54% of consumers reported cooking more and 46% reported baking more during the pandemic compared to previous years. Plus, 74% of people are finding it more enjoyable.

So let’s keep that cooking joy rolling by taking a look at popular trends from last year, how those may be influencing new ones for the upcoming year and how we can observe those and react to them for our clients when it comes to their social media needs.

In 2020, we saw everything from Dalgona coffee, to tasteful focaccia gardens, and nostalgic recipes specially released from companies like Disney (I would be lying if I said I didn’t give their infamous churros a shot.) It seemed as if every new month signaled the start of another novel quarantine food phase that took over our social feeds. And whether you jumped on a trend yourself or incorporated it into a social calendar for your food and beverage client, they became a fortified part of social media food and cooking culture.

Looking to the year ahead we can expect people to continue cooking at home and exploring new avenues in their kitchen, whether that’s with social media recipe hacks, or tackling an intimidating family recipe. In fact, the year kicked off with a tortilla hack that took off on TikTok quicker than it started, with every kind of sweet and savory variation imaginable being dished up. While it’s arguably the first trend of the year, people might be asking – what’s next? We may continue seeing easier recipe variations that satisfy the urge to get in the kitchen, while also saving a couple extra minutes. Or, we might see adaptations on favorites like charcuterie boards or jazzed up meal prepping.

Whatever trends end up developing, it’s helpful to keep a pulse on the environment and monitor what’s happening because timeliness is key. Keep an eye out for emerging trends to help your clients navigate them, especially if they are looking to engage with their audiences through opportunistic content. It never hurts to read up and know what’s ahead.

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