Should Your Brand Advertise On TikTok?

Everyone is well aware of the impact TikTok has had on the social media world. Not only has it quickly become one of the most powerful social media platforms, but the app also sets precedents for trends, creates community and even shares the latest and greatest celebrity drama.

Simply put, nearly six years since its initial release, TikTok has taken over the globe.

That poses a few questions in the world of public relations and advertising. What about TikTok’s advertisements? How does it compare to other social ads? What will it cost my brand?

A lot of it depends on your brand and its specific needs. For starters, is it relevant to have your brand on TikTok? A lot of people want to immediately hop on the platform because it’s the new and shiny app. But does it make sense for the brand?

If you answered yes, then you’ll know that the more popular the app becomes, the more ad prices skyrocket. Measured reports that 2021 CPM prices were up by 185% year-over-year. In fact, Business Insider reports that TikTok’s ads are at an average CPM of $9.40 – way higher than other social platforms.

If the pros and cons have been weighed and all signs point to advertising on TikTok, there are many options to consider. TikTok for Business is your all-in-one tool for marketers to advertise via the platform. Similar to other business managers, TikTok helps a user through the entire process of creating ads, setting budgets, reaching certain audiences and analyzing the data.

Based on the types of TikTok ads available – TopView Ads, In-Feed Ads, Branded Hashtags, Brand Takeovers and Branded Effects – the ad you choose to pursue might differ depending on your business need.

Once the type of ad has been determined and a business account has been created for it, you can choose between two ad modes: simplified and custom. The difference? Simplified mode lets TikTok’s algorithm do the heavy lifting, while custom mode gives advertisers full control over their ads. The good news is that you can always switch modes. However, I’d suggest going with custom mode, so you have full control of everything your ad does from start to finish.

The most important thing to remember when starting to advertise on a new platform like TikTok, is that advertising across social media platforms is never the same.

Costs may be higher here. You may reach more people elsewhere.

You have to consider whether a certain platform can be effective for the audience you are trying to reach. Sometimes the only way to know is try it out for yourselves. Happy ‘tokking!

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