Rebranding a Holiday


By Caroline Helper (@forgetburgundy)

Holidays are both a blessing and a curse for wine PR pros – on the one hand, we’re given the opportunity to put a timely and creative twist on our product. On the other hand, most of the time we end up producing a pitch that every other PR pro is either also using that year, or has in years past.

That’s why this, year, I propose throwing out the old horse (not a real metaphor, right?) and rebranding the holidays instead. This Valentine’s Day, for example, may I introduce you to Treat Yo Self Day.


For some, the dawning of February sets off a tizzy of paper hearts and pink glitter. For others, it inspires a visit to the darkest depths of self-pity.

Why don’t we all just admit it? No one likes Valentine’s Day – this “holiday” does nothing but introduce problems, sad feelings, and unmeetable expectations. So let’s stop celebrating Valentine’s Day and start celebrating “Treat Yo Self” day with a bottle of [INSERT YOUR WINE HERE] on February 14 instead.

Ladies, if this isn’t a day to treat yo self to a bottle of wine and a good rom-com on the couch, then you’re not doing it right. If you’re single, invite the girls over and enjoy a bottle (or, who are we kidding, three or four) while treating yo selves to some sweet treats and salty indulgences. If you’re attached, ditch your man and spend some quality time with the girls anyways. Treat yo self.

Alright, so you still want to spend the day with your significant other. You know what’s always better than flowers? Wine! Treat yo self and your sweetie to a bottle of [INSERT YOUR WINE HERE]. It’s like flowers that you can drink! Treat yo self.

This Valentine’s Day, no matter your marital status (or lack thereof), show yourself a little love and enjoy [INSERT YOUR WINE HERE]. You deserve it. Treat Yo Self.

See how easy that was? And wasn’t it fun? And have you ever seen a brand adopt/create a new holiday before? Look, if the Presidential Debates of 2012 taught us anything it’s that creating a thing out of thin air has never been easier (@bindersofwomen, I’m looking at you, kid). I officially declare 2013 the Year of Previously Uncelebrated Holidays. See? Now it’s a thing.

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