Pumpkin Spice, Pop-ups and Meal Prep: 3 Must-Try Fall Food Trends

As summer starts winding down, it’s time to start looking ahead to fall. And you can’t think about fall without thinking about your favorite fall foods. Here are three exciting food trends that will have you covered for breakfast, lunch and dinner, at home or dining out this autumn season.

  1.  Millennials rejoice – PSLs are now in stores!

Pumpkin Spice Latte season is starting earlier than ever this year (to the delight of millennials everywhere!) with Starbucks announcing it will start selling bottled Pumpkin Spice Lattes (often referred to as PSL) in grocery stores at the end of August. According to Business Insider, the ready-to-drink PSL will be priced at $2.79 per 14-fluid-ounce bottle, which is significantly cheaper than a made-to-order PSL. In addition to the bottled PSLs, Starbucks will also sell pumpkin spice flavored ground coffee in stores.

Dunkin’ Donuts is jumping on the pumpkin spice bandwagon by introducing its newest lineup of fall flavored foods and beverages starting August 28 per CNBC. Along with pumpkin-flavored coffees, donuts and muffins, Dunkin’ Donuts is also introducing a pumpkin cream cheese for its bagels. Beyond pumpkin flavors, Dunkin’ is also adding maple pecan coffees and lattes, as well as a maple sugar bacon breakfast sandwich for a limited time this fall.

  1.  Meal prep is going beyond the traditional dinner table

According to Inc., meal kit delivery services generated nearly $1.5 billion in sales in 2016, and the trend is continuing to grow with projections expected to reach a multi-billion dollar market in the next five years. Many of us have seen or tried a meal prep dinner from the typical Blue Apron, Plated and Hello Fresh, but have you tried these meal prep options?

Many of these companies are offering discounts and even free meals to try out the service, so make sure to check their websites for promo codes. These meal prep options will certainly not disappoint this fall.

  1. Pop-up restaurants are popping up everywhere (no pun intended) 

According to a recent Bankrate study, 54 percent of millennials eat out at least three times a week or more, which means there is a huge market in the foodservice industry to attract this audience of diners. One way restaurants are trying to meet this growing demand is with pop-up restaurants, which are often temporary dining spaces offering diners a unique dining experience.

Pop-up restaurants started out as a way for chefs and restauranteurs to test out new creative concepts and raise both awareness and funds for an actual brick-and-mortar business. According to The Wall Street Journal, restaurant owners are facing enormously high costs including rent, wages and other overhead expenses, forcing them to look for a more unconventional, cost effective alternative. These alternative restaurants are less expensive to run than a conventional restaurant and allow for more flexibility and creativity. Here are three examples of the latest pop-ups trend popping up over the country:


Be sure to check out these latest trends this fall!

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