PR: Why Brand Growth Won’t Happen Without It

Historically, PR and communications pros have had nominal input in corporate brand development – if at all. That has to change. And it has changed for some brands – who understand that corporate communications and reputation management is central to – and even drives that process. But far too often, companies bring in PR partners at the last-minute, right before their brand launch.

In this PRWeek podcast episode, guests Sarah Robertson, VP, Communications and Corporate Social Responsibility at Purdue Pharma, Kirstie Foster, SVP, Marketing Communications at CHS, and our president Matt Kucharski discuss the role and value of corporate branding – as one that’s essential vs. an after-thought.

Matt shared a common theme over the past few years that Padilla is being called upon to help companies use its corporate brand to facilitate a transformation. “PR brings to the table a true understanding of multiple stakeholders and the interconnection between of customers, employees, investors – and local community and the industry community. Our understanding of the interconnection between those stakeholder groups is essential to building a strong corporate brand.”

Listen in to the episode moderated by PRWeek managing editor Gideon Fidelzeid and sponsored by Padilla.

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