OK, It's My First Day Blogging

That’s how you learn to ride a bike as a kid, right? Fall down, get up and go. So here I go.

I started with Geoff a week ago. I’ll be on here from time to time, except the difference is this is the first time I’ve ever blogged. Ever. Honestly, hadn’t even read very many but in the last week, I’ve read a lot of blogs like the blah blah blah blog (I love the name), LikeItMatters (Great example) and Escape from Cubicle Nation (I love her tiger analogy).

I even bought a book over the weekend, “Everything You Need to Know,” by Shel Holtz and Ted Demopoulos, but I haven’t read it yet. Maybe tonight. I’m rather fascinated by all of this. I’ve been a writer for quite sometime and my work has appeared in various newspapers and magazines, but this is a brand new medium. And from what I can tell, it’s like a news article, with a dose of an op-ed in there. So far I really like it.

But I’ve been looking for a guidebook. The rules, if you will. A stylebook a first time blogger can play with. So far, I’ve found Copyblogger the most helpful. He offers “Zen and the Art of Remarkable Blogging,” “Five Immutable Laws of Persuasive Blogging” and “Five Grammatical Errors that Make You Look Dumb.” He brings up the classic effect vs. affect, which is an easy mistake. Let’s see if I can get it right.

This morning, we drove around in a limosuine all morning because Reston Limo’s blog was being featured on Fox News. I tried not to act too “affected.” (I think I got it right). People stare at you when you get in and out of a limo, automatically wonder who you are. But more on that later in another entry.

Be sure to check out Fox 5 between 6 and 9:30 a.m. next Monday, April 9th. We had a lot of fun. I guess that’s good for my first blog entry, but I haven’t disclosed anything personal about myself.

Everyone seems to disclose something a little personal. Let’s see, I digress to the original bike analogy, I don’t even like them. Geoff biked to work last week, my boyfriend wants to get one and spend the summer biking. Everyone around me is biking, but I myself, will never be a biker. There, that’s personal.

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