Nutrition Influencer Insights: Q&A with upwaRD Winner Tony Castillo, MS, RD, LDN

The FoodMinds upwaRD program is an industry-leading professional recognition and development program, elevating the voices of emerging nutrition communication leaders. This year’s winners were selected for their expertise in translating evidence-based nutrition recommendations into exciting, engaging and accessible content in both traditional and social media channels.

Today, we hear from Tony Castillo, MS, RD, LDN, performance and sports dietician, and one of the 2021 upwaRD winners!

What platform or medium do you think is especially powerful for nutrition education today and why?

YouTube, TikTok and Instagram. So many people are watching what dietitians and nutrition experts are saying, and these videos are giving great content and education in 15- or 30-second clips. The outdated model of having a practice is no longer working. You need to show your education, your tools and things you’ve learned in practice via social media because that’s where the past, current and future generations are watching us.

When you create your content, what personal rules or values help guide you?

When I’m creating content, I use my set of values that I created for my business, Nutrition for Performance. We do nutrition coaching based off authenticity, originality and sincerity.

Is it something authentic that I would be not only teaching to my clients, but to people that I love and care for? Is it original, never wanting to take anyone’s work and always giving credit where credit is due? Is it something that I sincerely believe and that I want my audience to know?

What kinds of messages are you passionate about sharing?

I am passionate about a food first approach. So many people turn to supplements – even me when I was growing up. I was told I needed to have different kinds of powders and supplements in order to reach my own goals, and when I look back that’s the last thing I needed.

Going to school and learning about nutrition opened up my mind to understand how the human body processes and utilizes food as a fuel. Working with athletes and active individuals gave me a better understanding of what nutrition does and why we need to talk about a food first approach. So many people miss out on it, because there is so much misinformation out there.

Where can people find you?

You can find me on Instagram @coach_tonycastillo, visit me on my website or send me an email at [email protected].

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