The New Role of Grocery

Grocery. It’s an industry so inundated with change every single day, it can be hard to keep up.

We have game-changing M&A activity (retail meets health care!) that we never would’ve anticipated until Amazon shook us from our apparent dozing. We also have innovations at shelf to speed up the shopping process (Amazon), community initiatives dedicated to making our country healthier, farmer benefits programs, bars and “grocerants” turning up in stores, meal kits, smaller urban footprints, traditional fashion retail diving into grocery and cashier-less check out … just to name a few.

At the core of most of these concepts is the customer experience. In a recent survey I fielded among 60+ Padilla colleagues around their frustrations and future expectations for grocery, nearly all of the answers focused on surround-sound experience, online and offline.

So, what’s next? Of the experiential changes my colleagues wanted to see in-store, I pulled together five guiding principles that retailers will need to follow as they approach this new age of grocery shopping.

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What do you think the grocery store of the future will look like? And what do you want to see?

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