Navigating COVID-19 (8.24.20)

Padilla’s Insights + Strategy and Digital/Social teams scanned the news media and social media conversations surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic to bring you the week’s noteworthy developments:

Brand Responses

Brands are still engaging in creative ways – embracing the “now normal” evolution of the pandemic:

Topic Mapping

Coverage with positive sentiment sees a slight uptick mainly driven by the conversations around tuition costs, schools opening/closing and local school districts making decisions for fall.

Negative sentiment focuses on global pandemic coverage as global contagion exceeded 20 million, an ominous/ambiguous fall and the rise of younger adults contracting the virus. Flu enters the conversation as health care providers are kicking off flu vaccinations early.

Social Buzz

The number of COVID-19 mentions decreased during the past two weeks, meanwhile the following topics saw significant chatter:

COVID Creativity

A few things that are making us happy:

For more insights on this week’s coronavirus communications analysis:

For questions, guidance or support with your brand’s communication efforts, Padilla’s COVID-19 Response Team is here to help.

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