Multi-channel PR Campaign? It All Starts with a Digital Strategy

As connected as the digital world is it can often create segmented messages and experiences for you client. The benefits to integrating your marketing efforts are numerous but to fully take advantage of the connectivity that a multi-channel campaign offers I highly encourage the creation of a digital strategy as you begin to plan for 2014.

Why Digital Strategy

It’s not uncommon for digital and website decisions to be made on the fly or based on new trends or business demands. With this fragmented approach you are not receiving the full benefit from a multi-channel digital campaign. Developing a digital strategy allows you to take a step back, look at every tactic from a very high level in an attempt to break this fly-by-night approach to the web. With this high level approach, a digital strategy can help create a unified approach, voice and digital experience to your client.

What’s a Digital Strategy

A digital strategy is a working document that serves as a road map and plan for your client. The strategy will help establish a firm direction and online footprint. Rather than falling victim to immediate demands the emphasis of a digital strategy will touch on urgent issues as well as long-term goals and aspirations.

The strategy should provide detail, budget and insight into each component of your multi-channel campaign. Many components within each section may have several sub-strategies, plans or research to fully support the tactic. Those elements should get addressed upon approval of the preliminary digital strategy document.

Vision & Goals

Within the strategy you want to be sure that all planned tactics are aiming towards a common goal(s). This unification is the core to the strategy and will allow for you to plan methods that will help obtain these goals. Before you fully outline each tactic you’d want to establish a long-term vision and how the digital environment can help facilitate this vision. Within the document, each tactic should explain how it can contribute to achieving these visions and goals.

Elements of Digital Strategy

The tactics and elements found in a digital strategy will vary from client to client. Our typical strategies provide a high level look at the following items below. We usually don’t fully layout our content strategy, PR strategy etc in our digital strategies as those are usually pretty in-depth and should come after the digital strategy is approved.

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