M&A, Live Blogging the Super Bowl

I had a merger and acquisition offer, or perhaps the best way to phrase it is an offer to discuss M&A earlier this week. And another partner told me if I get into that kind of discussion, they better get first shot.

This is cool stuff. But I really need to be responsible here and determine my motives for these chats. Am I serious, or am I stroking my ego? What would my role be? Can I really take working for someone again? Would I be a good “junior” partner or employee? Am I willing to play team ball?

That little voice inside of me says, no, that I’d be selling myself short. It’s too soon, and I should probably stay independent for at least a couple of years if not 5 or 10. But I will seriously think about it. These are critical internal gut checks that need to be addressed before I actually sit down with anyone. It’s a motive check responsibility. Otherwise, I’d be wasting everyone’s time.

I’m going to try and find a place to watch the Super Bowl with wifi and live blog my thoughts on the ads. We don’t have cable at home (an intentional choice) so this will require a little work, but it would be fun. So tune in on Sunday.

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