Social Media: Tips to Leverage B2B Partnerships

Amplify B2B partnerships on social media to increase brand awareness and relevance.

In the business-to-business space, the introduction of a new partnership can be an exciting and monumental moment for a company. It can mark a stride in a new direction or even the pioneering future of an entire industry.

I’ve drafted countless partnership news releases for my B2B clients – and while the initial announcement is important, it is by no means enough. It can be leveraged and amplified across a range of communications and marketing channels as well. Social media is an aspect that is sometimes overlooked in the B2B space, but an effective social media strategy can be used to amplify the announcement significantly, and even enhance a company’s social media presence through partnership.

Here are some methods B2B companies can use to leverage and amplify their business partnerships on social media.

Interact and engage with their channels

Are you following your partner company’s social channels? Social media is a two-way street. When you’re wrapped up in announcing an exciting new integration or partnership on your company’s social channels, it’s easy to forget to engage with others. A strong social media strategy is rooted in building and strengthening relationships. Posting about the partnership or retweeting a partner company’s post on your company’s channels is a start – but leaving a comment or participating in a conversation on their channels demonstrates an extension of thoughtfulness that your new partner company will appreciate. This is also great way to build brand recognition and interact with their followers – who might also be your prospective customers!

Share their content that reinforces your message

In addition to the value a partnership can bring to your customers, your company likely shares a vision with its new partner. Why not showcase that on your company’s social channels? Take some time to review your partner company’s blog or recent media coverage and identify content that aligns with your shared vision. Share their content on your company’s channels when the partnership is announced and throughout its duration. This will help your followers become more familiar with your new partner company and introduce a fresh voice that supports your company’s key messages. Weaving their content into your company’s social calendar will also create a healthy mix of shared and owned content across channels. Don’t forget to tag your partner company in the posts, which will encourage them to share and engage with your content, too.

Produce valuable content together

A new partnership may introduce media opportunities with spokespeople from both companies, and you can take the same approach on social media. Consider developing content that includes insight from both companies such as videos, Q&As or blogs that can be shared on your company’s social channels.

If your company is teaming up with a partner company at a trade show, consider using live video to highlight industry insights or take-aways from both CEOs.Click To Tweet

To make sure the content reaches the right audience, it’s increasingly important to allot marketing and communications budget for targeted social content. Learn more about targeting the right audience on LinkedIn here.

For many B2B companies, partnership announcements make a substantial impact on the overall marketing and communications operation. While social media might only be one element that supports a partnership, it is a significant one. By applying these methods, you can amplify and leverage your company’s latest partnership to enhance your company’s presence on social media.

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