Keeping Up with the Coronavirus (and Keeping Calm)

The rise of social media has allowed us to stay on top of all the latest news from the Kardashians and K-Pop, to Coronavirus. During these times reminiscent of the Hollywood blockbuster Contagion, this nonstop coverage has proven to be both informative and incredibly anxiety-inducing. So, how do we cope during a pandemic in an era of constant communication?  

Honestly, I’m not positive (is anyone?), but I’ve uncovered that social media can help in many ways:

  1. Stay connected, virtually – Check in with the people you’re connected to regularly. Social media and other communication platforms work great for maintaining connections at a distance. Facetime a friend, video chat a coworker, talk to your followers on Instagram live. Remote connections can still have great impact.
  2. Follow trustworthy accounts – There’s a lot of false information going around and it’s helpful to know the information you’re getting is coming from a credible source. Outlets like Fortune have come up with their own list of trusted Twitter accounts for reliable information during the outbreak. 
  3. Get creative with memes – Take a page out of the Westchester teens book and channel your stress into a creative outlet – making memes. Alternatively, you can just laugh at the memes other people have already created to add some levity to the situation.

Additionally, have a little fun and make your great escape from the news cycle with these cute animal accounts when it all feels like a bit too much. Scroll through this hedgehog, catdog duo and foodie dog feeds and feel your blood pressure lower.

In some cases, the best thing to do might be to disconnect for a bit. One of the most popular ways to combat the anxiety many of us are feeling these days is to simply go dark for a while on social media. People are finding solace outside of their phones as they take the time to reconnect with nature on hikes, bike rides, etc. Getting up and moving is proven to release endorphins, and the great outdoors is the perfect setting for social distancing.

The amount of information at our fingertips has been overwhelming at times, especially recently. For all the cons of social media, its biggest pro is its ability to help us cultivate community. Take advantage of it.

You may be social distancing, but you’re never alone.

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