Keeping up with #HigherEd


Email newsletters, if you’re selective about which ones you subscribe to, are great tools to keep up with developments, trends and issues in higher ed. Below, I’ve listed three that don’t get deleted when they hit my inbox. What free information resources would you add to the list?

The Chronicle of Higher Education

I can confidently wager that if you’re reading this, you often scan The Chronicle of Higher Education. What’s ideal about these newsletters is that you can sign up for one that’s tailored to your job or interests. Want higher education tech news? Sign up for The Wired Campus. Community college updates? There’s a newsletter for that, too. I receive Breaking News Extras to make sure I’m not late to the game on any high-level happenings.

SmartBrief for the Higher Ed Leader

SmartBrief has a valuable newsletter for any industry, including higher education. Top editor picks are summarized each day, offering quick snapshots of top stories and allowing readers to stay informed without taking up too much time. News is categorized by Student Affairs and Academics, Admissions and Enrollment, Leadership and Management, Funding and Grants, and a SmartQuote brings it all home.

Education Dive: Higher Ed

Education Dive promises industry intel in less than 60 seconds. Each email has just a few carefully selected pieces in “Top News” and “What We’re Reading” that make for an incredibly quick read. My favorite part? The email is optimized for mobile, making it easy to get a daily news digest on-the-run.

Just don’t read industry news and drive.

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