Just Do It: Taking your brand experience to the next level

Nike Run croppedLast weekend, I ran my first Nike Women’s Series race in Toronto. And while the core of what I was doing was running a 15k, I also spent a lot of time being extraordinarily impressed by the brand experience and fandom. Nike is not just in the business of selling shoes and apparel anymore (although, let’s be real, they are), they have also built a brand as your one-stop-shop for fitness expertise. Nike is helping you get healthy, push yourself and reach your fitness goals.

Now, I know—this is not a new story. Nike is a strong brand. This cult-like following isn’t new…but it is getting stronger, and it’s easy to see why. Below are some of my key takeaways from the brand experience that you can apply to enhance your brand experience for customers. Even if you don’t have a Nike-sized budget.

Have you had a recent brand experience that impressed you, and what were your takeaways?


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