Joe Smith’s Brands to Watch 2022

In the world we live in, it feels ridiculous to try and predict what could be coming our way over the next twelve months. In the spirit of expecting the unexpected, this year’s edition of our annual Brands to Watch list includes our team’s picks for brands that are flying under the radar but are poised for big things in 2022. Here are five brands that are piquing our interest and capitalizing on evolving trends. You may not have heard of them yet, but you will soon!

Breeze Airways

With all other airlines reassessing their business strategies, Breeze’s approach is to lead with digital. Viewing itself as a digitally-focused company that flies planes rather than an airline, Breeze is striving to create a primarily digital consumer journey to capitalize on a distaste for long lines and human interaction. And Breeze is supported by strong leadership – CEO David Neeleman has previously founded five other airlines, most notably JetBlue. With that kind of backing and a promising customer experience, get ready to give Breeze a fly.


A southern California distillery, Monday has ambitions of attracting “alcohol avoiders” with a subscription service for non-alcoholic liquors. The brand is reinforcing the notion that the joy of cocktail-making doesn’t have to be tied to ABV, meaning customers don’t have to compromise on taste just to stay sober. With fast-growing competition in the non-alcoholic spirits space, we’ll be watching to see if Monday emerges as a category leader in the year ahead.


Personal care has arrived, and not a sugar-coated version but a real, “every body part deserves it,” care revolution. With messaging like “Welcome to the new era of body care” Fur is capitalizing on this consumer shift. Fur puts hair care for every body part front and center, claiming that “wherever you fall on the spectrum of bare to full, we make clean products that hydrate skin, soften hair, and eradicate ingrown hair from head to toe.” With personal care on the rise, Fur’s straightforward but sophisticated approach may set the stage for a new generation of self-care brands.


Ok, Moleskine is not new to the scene, but the brand is a team favorite for its beautiful analog products. A good notebook and pen are invaluable during a brainstorm session, but the part that comes next is trickier – getting that goodness digitally transcribed. Moleskine Smart is “the evolution of the ordinary notebook,” allowing you to capture thoughts on paper while the program creates an identical digital version. Moleskine has found a way to bridge the gap between the convenience of digital and the inspiration of analog, which may serve the company well in an increasingly competitive category.

28 Row

28 Row is facilitating a direct line to a highly sought-after demographic by building a network of influential female college students, acting as a go-between service for these students and brands. According to its website, 28 Row uses “the power of peer influencer marketing” to build brand awareness and drive sales. 28 Row could be the ticket for brands looking to create more authentic connections with their customers, and we are particularly interested to see how female college athletes, newly allowed to profit from their likeness, impact the growth of 28 Row and similar platforms.

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