In-Person Acceptance Letters: Grab a camera (and the tissues)

OU - in-person acceptanceNo matter your alma mater, it’s incredibly moving to watch college-bound students receive their long-awaited acceptance letters. Thanks to the expansive social media landscape, it’s a shareable experience – and a valuable way for a college or university to bring a personal touch to what can feel like a detached application process.

As the AP reports, the number of schools delivering – and filming – acceptances in person is on the rise. It offers a wide scope of benefits. It’s a meaningful way to encourage highly-desired recruits on to acceptance and enrollment, but it also sends a significant message about community to a school’s many audiences. It’s useful in marketing efforts for prospective students and a fun way to inspire nostalgia and engage alumni. And, it’s a great media relations hook in a school’s local market as well as the students’ hometowns.

For schools that have the resources, sending a team on the road with a camera is a great idea. Just one word of advice: do your homework before selecting students to visit. If you can identify students for whom your school is the first choice, you’re more likely to get the excitement, pride and certainty you’re hoping to capture.

Need inspiration? Check these out:

University of Maryland

University of Oklahoma

Western Kentucky University

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