How To Make Good Instagram Pics Great

If I had to sum up what great PR pros have in common, it boils down to this: attention to detail.  Especially in alcohol beverage marketing, we suffer from “eagle eye syndrome” and spot the smallest mistakes, from a missing suggested retail price on a fact sheet to the wrong vintage on a tasting mat.

Given our typical OC nature, why do we then throw this diligence to the wind when it comes to social media updates for our clients? The worst offenders seem to be based on Instagram. Sometimes, a picture doesn’t say a thousand words and you need to add context for your audience.

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Here are my favorite free apps to make your Instagram pictures more powerful:


Instafood takes the guesswork out of food pics. What wine is that in the picture? Is this a meat or veggie casserole? This location-based food photo app lets you share what, when and where you ate in that photo. Elegant overlays allow you to share notes about the culinary experience with your audience.

Use It For: Wine and food pairing tips.



OverGram lets you add text captions to your images. Next time you post a “just chilling on my porch” photo, tell your followers where they can buy that bottle of wine in your image.

Use It For: Adding retail info or tasting notes.



That beautiful “sunrise in a vineyard” picture gets an easy update with InstaWeather, calling out the weather and geotagging an image.

Use It For: Sharing impressions from events and press trips.


Social media posts should reflect our typical strong attention to detail, including key information for followers that help promote the brand or region effectively.

Share your favorite app to improve your client’s Instagram updates in the comments section below.

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