Why the Gilmore Girls’ Return is Life Changing


Any woman between the ages of 20 and 35 learned what it meant for dreams to come true this week, when it was announced that Gilmore Girls would return to TV.

The show, about a quick-witted, fast-talking, junk food-eating mother and daughter, went off the air seven years ago. It will now return (in the form of a limited series) to Netflix with the show’s original lead writer and director, and many of the same actors.

So how did I get away with writing about one of my favorite TV shows from my teenage years?

I realized (after I finished jumping up and down and texting all my friends) that this news is a tremendous indicator of the direction our media landscape is headed. The means by which we consume media, even TV shows, has drastically changed, and I believe Netflix is the catalyst.

Here’s why:

You may be disgusted with the couch potatoes of America right now, or figuring out ways to leave work for your couch. Either way Netflix is brainstorming ways to maximize all your screen time, and I bet they’ll get you back to Orange is the New Black in no time.


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