Food in Times of Crisis

People love talking about, tweeting, instagramming and pinning food. In fact, when this post was written, there were 176,340,729 posts on Instagram tagged with #food – and that number will grow in a matter of minutes.

As an instantaneous wealth of insight, social media provides food & beverage companies with the perfect opportunity to hear conversations and opinions that shed light on consumers’ shifting tastes and preferences. If consumers are talking about your product or brand, the last thing you want to do is leave them hanging. Proactively listening, understanding, and responding to consumers’ feedback and thoughts is social media 101. Unsurprisingly, brands that are active and conversational on social media see the greatest engagement.

The real challenge lies when things don’t go as planned, better known as the dreaded crisis. From snowballing negative comments to full-blown protests, the course of a crisis and its impact is directly correlated with how brands respond to the social unrest.

Here are 4 takeaways from how food & beverage brands faced and overcame social turmoil:

Nathalie Gordon



Get Your Beer Belly Out

If and when food hits the fan, remember these 4 takeaways for how to harness the turmoil and ride out your social media crisis with an unscathed brand. But if you’re still wondering whether your brand is prepared to manage a crisis situation, our 5-minute Crisis IQ Test can answer that question for you!

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