Finding Your Perfect Fit

The world of social media is never the same as it was the day before. Algorithms adjust, the platforms upgrade, and the people who have accounts also change, sometimes daily. In a world where influencers seem to dominate, how do you find the right one for you?

Particularly within food and beverage, they’re everywhere…and so are their #sponsored posts. From large food brands, to their local start up companies, influencers make their living off putting their faces and posts behind companies and in front of their followers. So, what should you look out for?

Is it possible to have too much of a good thing?

The moment has come and you’re ready to dive into the world of influencers. Yet suddenly you realize that several people you’re looking at have a ton of sponsored posts, almost to the point where most of their feed isn’t organic. In the online world authenticity is key, so now is a great time to ask yourself whether your brand will seem like an organic, authentic fit amongst a sea of other partnerships? Or is it better to go with an influencer who has fewer, more tailored partnerships.

History is the key

Whether they’ve done a million partnerships, or just one, look through their previous content both for paid and organic. The best way to gauge whether you’ll be happy with the outcome and feel that it is a good fit is to see if you’re aligned with posts that they’ve already created. The glorious thing about Instagram, Facebook and Twitter is that they are living archives.

Engage, engage, engage

Lastly, do some digging! Now that you’ve looked at their authenticity and post style, you should also see if their followers are engaging well with the content they produce. More engagement, more eyes on your product. Many influencers have strong bases that love their content and trust their recommendations, these are the ones that will add value to your brand when it comes time to partner.

While the world of influencers can be daunting, there are clear ways to do a quick check to see if they are worth reaching out to for a potential partnership. Any other ways you check to see if an influencer is the right fit for your brand?

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