Everlane, Glossier, Away: What Millennial Brands are Doing Right

You may not have heard of them, but Millennials can’t get them out of their heads. Brands like Everlane, Glossier and Away are companies that sell different products to a similar target audience, and they’re crushing it. These brands have a heavy focus on digital marketing, especially social media. But their success isn’t based on where they’re marketing as much as how they’re marketing. These Millennial brands are doing things differently and we can learn a few things from them.

Transparency, Transparency, Transparency

These companies aren’t only putting out copy that’s been carefully crafted by a PR professional and approved by everyone on senior leadership (or at least, it doesn’t seem so). The tone of voice they use is casual, which allows them to be transparent in a way that doesn’t feel forced. Additionally, they proactively talk about issues relating to their product or trends in their industry. Customers can rely on them to stay informed. For example, when airlines started to introduce new policies regarding lithium batteries in checked bags, Away, a luggage company, jumped on Instagram stories and shared videos on how to safely remove the lithium battery from their suitcases that feature a charging port. They were conversational about a topic that could’ve been harmful to their sales, which encouraged customer engagement.

Brands popular with millenials have a heavy focus on digital marketing. But their success isn’t based on where they’re marketing, but how they’re marketing. These Millennial brands are doing things differently and we can learn a few things from them.Click To Tweet

Personality Portrayed Through People

You read the content of each of these brands with a different voice. This is because they have key employees or brand representatives who pop on Instagram Stories, Facebook or Twitter to communicate with the consumer; and I’m not just talking about the CEO. Utilizing employees at various levels throughout the company conveys the unique personality each company has. What is their company culture like? How does the Senior Vice President style the Day Glove shoe? Customers feel a sense of connection because when you engage with these brands online, it feels like you’re simply engaging with a more-stylish friend.

Defined and Consistent Branding & Messaging

Using minimalism and key colors is an effective tool with younger audiences. Many customers could recognize the muted baby pink against the dark lettering of the Glossier logo anywhere. But Everlane, Glossier, and Away don’t leave their branding work at a great logo; they incorporate related trending topics, up-and-coming celebrities, activists, influencers and everyday inspiration into their content. When all is said and done their social pages are a healthy mix of shared customer posts, styled shoots, and graphic design, and each piece of the puzzle falls in line with their company style.

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