Don’t Let Great Content Fall on Deaf Ears: Know Your Connection Strategy

“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” – George Bernard Shaw

In today’s buyer-controlled world, the most compelling, engaging, insight-driven content doesn’t deliver value unless it is actually seen, heard, felt or acted upon by the intended audiences.

And therein lies the illusion Shaw references. As communicators, we cannot afford to have our efforts be the proverbial tree falling in the woods.

The ability to connect and inspire target audiences with the right content offers a major opportunity for the PR industry to differentiate itself from traditional advertising, digital and marketing agencies.

Perhaps you have experienced these:

All of these and more are the result of a faulty connection strategy – the inability to connect the audience with the content – and drive behavior change.

PR agencies are not starting from scratch – connection strategy has always been part of our work for clients. It’s just that our connection strategy tends to be focused on an earned, and arguably shared, media world where most of the recommended strategies and tactics are related to the best media outlets and social channels to place a story or post a piece of content.

The most effective connection strategies should be delivered through the PESO Model. The challenge is to define what this model looks like for each individual client and program – because every client’s PESO model is going to be different.


Moreover, every aspect of PESO is changing, and the lines between paid, owned, shared and earned media are converging. Just a few examples:

Moving our industry forward will require us to strike the right balance between being adventurous and foolhardy. Chasing every single new innovation will cause us to waste time, energy and money. Doing nothing means the world will quickly pass us by. Successful communicators will take the time to study and understand every quadrant of the PESO model. They will build the expertise and capabilities in- house or partner with those that can extend their clients’ content with the reach and frequency that makes an impact.

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