Digital Storytelling: How to Share Ideas in Innovative Ways

Today we have the technology to consume content in a more interactive way. And I’m not talking via Twitter, Instagram’s recent visual news update or TheSkimm.

From journalism to brand storytelling to user-generated content, we can now use data visualization, animation, interactivity, and sound to build content that is truly immersive. I was lucky to attend a recent PRSA digital event where I witnessed state-of-the-art digital stories at Lightbox’s unique floor-to-ceiling displays.

Here are two pieces I was mesmerized by. I would encourage you to click through and experience them as well. Go on, I promise it’s worth it!

Washington Post’s Interactive Everest Climb

The Guardian’s Crowd-sourced Database – The Counted:

The Counted_3The CountedThe Counted 2

Now these digital stories were an investment, but more tools are being released everyday to allow us to be more innovative for our clients.

Tools for Brands:

1. Magisto – Simply select your videos/images, a theme and stock music. This app does the rest in a matter of minutes.


2. Shorthand Social – via Twitter, this app allows you to publish stories in a beautiful way, pulling in gifs, YouTube videos or whatever content you’d like to include.

Shorthand social

3. Legend  – if quick animated text is needed for a gif or video, this app is your best friend. There are plenty of these apps out there, but this is my favorite.


Now I’m not saying ditch your creative team. Not at all. We all need to learn to be creators, whether it’s for our clients or in our personal lives. We should all step up our content game and these are my recommends for how to start today.



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