5 Festive Database Marketing Tips for a Prosperous New Year

It’s Christmas Eve…so what are you doing reading a blog? Shouldn’t you be wrapping presents, drinking wine and preparing for Santa’s arrival? Well since you ARE reading (thank you!), let’s talk about database marketing to your customers in 2014. Sounds fun, right?

In any database marketing campaign, we know there is always room for improvement. Whether your marketing goals include increasing sales, raising funds, expanding reach, communicating with stakeholders, brand awareness, etc…the core marketing values remain the same, and a database of loyal followers can help you achieve your goals. Assuming that you have a database of targeted audience members, here are some key points to keep in mind for your 2014 marketing campaign…in the holiday spirit, of course!

Be a Santa!

If you haven’t been naughty, Santa brings you what you ask for. Are you giving your database members what they ask for? Each company/organization will have its own purpose for database marketing, but is the information you are sending your audience members what they want and expect? Be sure you know what information they want to receive from you…whether its e-newsletters, event invitations, promotions, weekly sales updates, fundraising results, etc. And make sure you know how often your audience wants to hear from you. Daily? Weekly? Monthly? Give them what they want, when they want it.

Like the 3 Wise Men…

In our digital world, the amount of information consumers receive on a daily basis can be overwhelming. Be wise. Keep the content of your communication interesting, informative and written in a manner that appeals to your audience. And remember, your content may be interesting to you, but not to them! Understand the content they want and present it with graphics, colors, typefaces and/or images that grab their attention and make them want to take action (whatever that may be). Use your database powers wisely to keep your audience engaged and interested.

Lead the Way, Rudolph

Think of the bright, shining light bulb nose. Be innovative. Be a leader. Think of the uses of your database beyond the traditional communication. Could you use your database for consumer research? Or promoting a social media contest? Or creating an exclusive online community where members can interact with each other and share thoughts and ideas? Your database is a captive audience that most likely chose to be there, so could be your best marketing asset.

On Dasher, on Dancer, on Prancer…

Your database audience may look like just “names” to you, but they are diverse people that all have different needs. So segment, segment, segment…as much as possible. Do you have the capability to segment demographically, geographically and/or psychographically? Do it. Perhaps you have a new product you want to launch to the West Coast only. Or you are promoting a ladies-only event. This specific targeting will ensure that the right audience receives the right message from you.

Don’t Be a Grinch

Always give your database members the chance to opt out of your list, in every communication. Sure you don’t want to see them to go, but you don’t want to have them stick around if they don’t need you anymore. And keep your database clean, always updating/deleting “bad” addresses after every mailing.

Don’t know the answers to some of the above? Consider a quick online survey to your database if you need to find out more information from them. To increase response, perhaps offer an incentive for responding to the survey, such as a discount, contribution to a non-profit organization or entry into a sweepstakes for a fun prize.

So that’s it database friends! Wishing you Happy Holidays and a wonderful and successful 2014!

PS: If you do not have a database of your own, what are you waiting for? You can build a database using various marketing tactics such as advertising, social media and sweepstakes (just to name a few). A well-maintained database could be your best marketing vehicle to a loyal audience.

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