Communicating With Authenticity Around Mental Health

With one in four people expected to be diagnosed with a mental health condition in their lifetime, and a clear spotlight on the issue which is feared to compound and grow as the pandemic continues, it’s easy to understand why people are concerned. In light of this, many companies have been asked to use their expertise or focus their efforts into areas that can support finding solutions to these challenges. 

In health technology, there are thousands of apps and tools available to support mental health and wellbeing. But how do health tech brands help people make the right choice for their personal needs? 

It starts with authentic communication: 

This article was authored by Elizabeth Mozel-Jury, Director, at sister company AXON Communications.

If you are working in this area and want to discuss your health tech brand and how we can help you to shape and communicate a compelling and credible story, please get in touch.

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