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A Reason to Celebrate PR Measurement

Did you know that November is Measurement Month? If you answered “no,” don’t feel bad – you’re probably not alone. Measuring PR effectiveness is often overlooked, misunderstood, or just plai…
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Moving Beyond “Fake News” – Journalists Fight to Regain Public Trust

Journalism is not an easy job. With the exception of a few big name columnists and TV news celebrities, most journalists work long hours for moderate pay and are often subject to having their reportin…
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Three Benefits of In-Person Interviews

There is a well-known phenomenon in journalism that goes like this: Just as you are finishing an interview and packing up your things – notepad, camera, microphone – that’s when the source says…
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I Disagree With You

You must admit, those four words can be pretty unsettling. The notion that someone might challenge our opinion, our position or our point of view can quicken our pulse and make us recoil or recede fro…
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When Breaking News Interrupts Your PR Plan: 4 Steps to Reset

Competing with a crisis is a no-win situation. It’s happened to about every company: you’re all set to roll out an exciting new product or make a big corporate announcement, when breaking news int…
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4 Key Takeaways On The Current State of the Media

The media has completely transformed in the last decade and the pandemic drastically accelerated this shift. From how news is produced, covered and consumed, to the way people feel, think and react to…
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