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The Art of the Corporate Apology Video

By now we are all familiar with the apology video—we can likely even recall apologies that seemed heartfelt and others that completely missed the mark. There are great examples of how an apology vid…
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Navigating the Digital Wave: 2024 Social Media Trends

Welcome to social media in 2024, where trends change faster than the speed of light. From the integration of generative AI (Artificial Intelligence) to the Threads versus X debacle, it’s easy to get…
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What the State of the Media Means for Media Relations in 2024 

2023 was yet another difficult year for journalists. According to Poynter Institute, 20,000+ media jobs were eliminated – this is more than in 2021 and 2022, which also saw big losses for the indust…
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Ditch Witch Media Relations Team Proves Persistence Pays Off

Most clients aspire to be in the Wall Street Journal, but not every team can bring it in. Earlier this year, teammates in our Tech Practice did just that for client Ditch Witch, which produces undergr…
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In-Person Media Interviews are Back. Are you Ready to Drop Those Virtual Habits?

By now, many of us have grown accustomed to virtual meetings, media interviews and presentations. While virtual communications have many benefits, in-person media interviews and meetings provide great…
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Get It Write: Training to Sharpen Your Writing Skills

Before we get started, let’s address one thing: We still need writing skills in 2023. None of us can just ChatGPT our way through day-to-day writing. (You don’t have to take our word for it – re…
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