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Our Recommendation for the Majority of Brands? Pause on Musk’s Twitter for Now 

When Elon Musk purchased Twitter and began implementing his structural changes, we did not recommend that clients stop posting and pause paid spend. Our point of view was that a change in ownership do…
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Musk’s Purchase of Twitter Finalized – Padilla POV Update

Six months ago, we shared our POV on Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter...which quickly imploded and seemed to be headed to court. Fast forward to last Friday – the purchase was finalized. So, what d…
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CEO Playbook: How to Propel Your Company Through LinkedIn Communications

LinkedIn is having a moment. With over 700 million members — among them companies’ current and would-be employees, customers, investors, reporters, analysts and other business influencers — it c…
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Google is About to Erase Your Analytics Data … and What Marketers Need to Do Now

The countdown has begun. Google is forcing the rollout of its latest version of Google Analytics, GA4, and it’s a massive upgrade. With the GA4 upgrade comes a lot of preparation, because – wait f…
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3 in 3: Newsletters, Prioritizing Reels, IG Creator Marketplace

Padilla stands at the intersection of people, culture and brands to bring you three stories that you can read in three minutes. 1. LinkedIn Launches Newsletters What’s Up: LinkedIn implemented newsl…
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Twitter Just Became More Collaborative: Announcing CoTweets

Twitter recently announced a limited trial of a new feature on the platform: CoTweets. Simply put, CoTweets allows users to co-author a tweet (check out the image below). This feature is another way T…
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