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Make an Impact with your Healthcare Communications on Social Media

Social media is no longer the wild, wild west free-for-all it used to be (for better or worse), but it sure can feel like it at times, especially during periods of change, which have become endless ac…
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Health Literacy is Critical for Healthier Communities

The U.S. healthcare system is fragmented and complex. From accessing and paying for care to navigating a new diagnosis, even the most knowledgeable patients can end up confused about their options. He…
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Healthcare Cybersecurity Incidents: How to Establish Control and Protect Reputation

It’s no surprise that healthcare organizations are a top target for hackers who seek to exploit vulnerabilities and cash in on valuable patient data. In 2022 alone, there were more than 340 incident…
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3 Things Healthcare Organizations Should Keep in Mind Amidst a Divided Congress

We’re well into the new year, and so, too, a new Congress – even if its beginning was a bit unprecedented. Now more than ever, a divided Congress means that policy issues across the board will…
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The ‘Great Retirement’: A Thought Leadership Opportunity

The “Great Resignation” that was ignited by the COVID-19 pandemic continues with a historic number of workers leaving their jobs. CEOs, and healthcare CEOs in particular, are among them. In 2021,…
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Bring Home the Gold: Putting Your Health Care Nonprofit on Top

Making a name for yourself (or your organization) isn’t easy. During this year’s Olympics, we’ve watched as a handful of athletes rise to the top, overcoming steep competition from a large crop…
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