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The ‘Great Retirement’: A Thought Leadership Opportunity

The “Great Resignation” that was ignited by the COVID-19 pandemic continues with a historic number of workers leaving their jobs. CEOs, and healthcare CEOs in particular, are among them. In 2021,…
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Bring Home the Gold: Putting Your Health Care Nonprofit on Top

Making a name for yourself (or your organization) isn’t easy. During this year’s Olympics, we’ve watched as a handful of athletes rise to the top, overcoming steep competition from a large crop…
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An Inside View of Health Care Public Relations

Graduating from college and applying for your first job is generally a stressful milestone, but as the pandemic lingers on and work environments shift, it adds an unprecedented challenge that recent c…
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Reading the Cannabis Leaves: Trends and Predictions in CBD

Curious about cannabis? You’re not the only one. In particular, products containing cannabidiol (CBD), the compound derived from the cannabis plant, have swelled in popularity across consumer segmen…
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1-Year Pandemic Retrospective: 5 Emerging Health Care Provider Trends

When we shared our 2020 Provider Forecast last year, we didn’t have a clue what was in store for us with the COVID-19 pandemic.  That said, it did force the issue on some of the key trends that we…
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Discerning Fact from Fiction in the Face of COVID

“Your COVID-19 test is positive.” Despite my best efforts, I finally heard the words we all have dreaded in late December. When I went to CVS for a rapid test, I was a bit worried about my symptom…
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