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Communicating About Layoffs In A Post-Pandemic World – What’s Different?

Layoffs. It’s a word no one likes to hear. But with ongoing news of cuts at Meta, Twitter, Amazon and more, it’s a hard one to avoid. It’s also not just tech companies being impacted – many in…
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Business for Good is Good for Business: The Evolution of CSR to ESG

Increasingly, companies and brands are finding that in the minds of their customers, employees, communities and investors, simply “doing good” is no longer good enough. Today, more and more busine…
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Return to Office: What We’re Learning, And What It Means For The Way We Work

Many organizations – including Padilla – have returned to the office in some capacity, whether full-time or, like us, in a hybrid model. Much like during the height of the pandemic, we’re all le…
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The Workplace Word: Is Your Company Prepared for the Return to Office?

As we each packed up our belongings and prepared to work from home at the start of the pandemic, I remember thinking: we’ll be back in the office in a week. Then I thought: a month, tops. Then: by t…
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2 Things I’ve Learned Volunteering In The Twin Cities PR BIPOC Career Explorer Program

Twin Cities PR BIPOC Career Explorer Program is a very long program title. But it does do a lot of heavy lifting. It is an externship program designed for BIPOC students interested in public relations…
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The 14-letter word that is really making headlines

When it comes to marketing buzzwords of the day, sustainability has, well, staying power. But it’s about much more than just protecting the planet. The Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal held a p…
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