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Personal Brands Aren’t Just For Celebrities

Beyoncé has one. Oprah has one. Brad Pitt, Lady Gaga, and Michael Jordan do, too. No – I’m not talking about a mansion in Hollywood Hills or a yacht that ferries from The Hamptons to Palm Beach t…
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Make Color Work for You

Color plays an influential role in our everyday decisions. It can tell us when a banana is ripe, where to find an exit, and which clothes to wear. A study on the impact of color in marketing found tha…
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The 5 P’s of Effective Brand Management

Would you ever eat at a McDonald’s with neon green arches? Or use Spotify if its interface changed drastically every day? It would certainly make me pause. That’s because we’re conditioned to tr…
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PR: Why Brand Growth Won’t Happen Without It

Historically, PR and communications pros have had nominal input in corporate brand development – if at all. That has to change. And it has changed for some brands – who understand that corporate c…
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Joe Smith’s Brands to Watch 2022

In the world we live in, it feels ridiculous to try and predict what could be coming our way over the next twelve months. In the spirit of expecting the unexpected, this year’s edition of our an…
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Creating (And Maintaining) Brand Relevance In A Chaotic World

I think most of us are surprised that COVID-19 conversations are still relevant, having hung our hopes on 2021 as the year things moved closer to “normal,” even if it was a completely new normal.…
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