BuzzLine: Why are you really watching the World Cup?

Thanks to DC office intern Melissa Mowery for today’s BuzzLine post.


usaEvery four years the United States experiences a strange phenomenon –Americans seemingly become soccer enthusiasts overnight. Although online trends show an increased interest in soccer among Americans this year thanks to the World Cup, the overall data suggests many of us are more interested in telling our friends on social media how interested we are, than actually following the games.

But Facebook isn’t just providing a platform for us to boast about our soccer knowledge, it’s actually creating content relevant to the World Cup. It recently generated “The Ref,” a Facebook page that closely follows all the matches and provides colorful commentary while allowing its followers a social space to talk about everything related to the World Cup. The Ref’s sassy attitude and quick wit has garnered 409,000 “likes” and solid online engagement. And for those of us who do actually follow soccer on a regular basis, Facebook is providing curated content from the #WorldCup hashtag to tell us all about the latest news, scores and statistics.

So, whether you truly have a passion for the sport, or you’re like me and keep informed just to know what you’re coworkers are talking about, tell us in exactly six words why (or if) you’re keeping up with the World Cup.

For instance:

Leave your six-word answer below and we will announce the winner of a $5 Starbucks gift card next week.

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