BuzzLine: What’s Your Utopia?

utopiaUtopia – an imagined world where everything is perfect. It may be impossible to achieve, but it sure is thrilling to think about a society where relaxing is a day job, chocolate doesn’t make you fat and everybody is happy. Well, maybe that’s just my version of Utopia, but that’s exactly the point. Everyone imagines a different way to achieve the “perfect society.”

This fall, Fox is debuting a new reality TV show, Utopia, where ordinary people will spend a year creating a community together based on their perceptions of a perfect society. With characters ranging from the most religious to strict atheists, to partiers and scholars, it seems like a recipe for total chaos. But I can’t say it doesn’t sound intriguing.

Since we won’t know the fate of their so-called “Utopian” society for at least a year, we want to know, in exactly six words, what is your version of a perfect world?

For me, it’s:


Leave the six-word description of your Utopia and you could be the lucky winner of a $5 Starbucks gift card. It won’t help create your perfect society, but it will buy you a cup of coffee and coffee makes everything better.

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