BuzzLine: What’s Your 2016 Presidential Campaign Promise?

Donald TrumpThe first presidential debate for the 2016 race: A time to question candidates on their policies to better understand their vision for the future, or a heated media frenzy to expose the worst in each candidate? Either way you look at it, you have to admit the first GOP debate was an entertaining one. Whether you really wanted to hear about the issues or just wanted to enjoy a hilarious series of political “burns,” it was well worth the watch.

But the more I learn about the candidates, the more I think any of us would make a better presidential candidate. So we want to know, if you were running in the 2016 campaign, what would some of your six-word campaign promises be?

Mine would be something like:

–        Every Friday is a national holiday

–        Outlaw hair products that Trump uses

–        Maternity leave for new puppy parents

Tell us your six-word campaign promise in the comments below or on any of our social accounts and you could win a $25 Target gift card. Think of it as your first presidential campaign donation.




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