BuzzLine: What Would You Do with an Invisibility cloak?

Invisibility IllusionAsk a person what superpower they’d like to have, and a few answers almost always make the list: the ability to fly, super human strength, telepathy and the gift of invisibility among many others.

Well Dreamers, it looks like you’re in luck! Though you probably won’t have to worry about anyone reading your mind or flying away in the midst of a conversation, scientists at the University of Rochester have created an optical-illusion device that could bring to life the Harry Potter-esque invisibility cloak.

Many have tried to create a high-tech way to make objects invisible but these scientists took it back to basics. Using a series of four stationary lenses placed in a line, light can bend around an object in front of the lens, making it appear to disappear. If used correctly, you can see beyond the lenses, but not what’s in between them.

This illusion, although exciting to watch in a lab, is still a few years off from being wearable. In the meantime, let’s hear your six-word fantasies of what you would do with a real-life invisibility cloak!

I would:

Put over car…drive really fast

Never pay for a movie ticket

Hang out in the Oval Office

The most creative or inspired answer will win a Starbucks gift card. It won’t make you invisible but the coffee will give you a superhuman level of energy.

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