BuzzLine – Week 13 – Tell Kate Straight

Wow! BuzzLine has buzzed for 13 weeks! Many thanks to all of you who have participated. Glad you’re enjoying it.

We’ll start this week by celebrating last week’s winner, Alexsis Rodgers. Her six-word BuzzLine gave the 4-year-old mayor of Dorset, Minn., a solid platform for re-election: “Bypottyson reform on a piggy bank budget!” See all the other great responses here.

Let’s keep it infantile in Week 13.

William and KateYou probably heard something about a baby being born in the U.K.? The new royalty is the most anticipated kid since Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes welcomed… what is her name?

NBC’s on it. ABC’s on it. E!’s on it.

So is BuzzLine.

In six words, what parenting advice might you have for the Duchess and Duke of Cambridge? Maybe…

Tell Kate straight (and William, too) what it takes to be the best royal parents ever. Put your six words of advice in the comments, and you might win a Starbucks gift card.


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