BuzzLine: The Furniture that Gives Life

Okay, the title is a little dramatic, but it’s definitely true. IKEA has officially announced its first ever home collection of wireless charging furniture—YA, that’s right, tables and lamps that can charge your mobile devices! Your furniture can now, literally, give life to your other electronics. Magical.

According to IKEA’s press kit, the devices are pretty simple. Each furniture item—be it a desk lamp, side table, or floor lamp—has a plus sign designed into it (as seen below). In order to charge your device, just set your device on top of the plus sign…and voila! I repeat, magical.

Photo via Brand Channel

The idea behind the chargeable furniture is simple: smartphones are now a natural part of your life, and charging them should be just as natural. I’m feeling like we’re one step closer to the first ever Smart House—Am I right, 90s kids?

Moving on. Thanks to IKEA, we have this month’s BuzzLine: Give us your six-word sales pitch for IKEA’s new wireless charging furniture and we’ll give you a fancy gift card. Your answers may look something like:

If we choose your pitch as the winning pitch, you’ll be the proud new owner of a $25 Target gift card. Are you prone to going to Target for toothpaste, and leaving with forty things you didn’t need? Then this contest is for you!  Send us your answers via Twitter, on Facebook, or right here on the BuzzLine, and we’ll announce the winner at the end of the month. Happy pitching!

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