BuzzLine: PR Acronyms, DIY Edition!

Everyone has an opinion about the best way to market, advertise, represent, and even save a brand. As PR professionals, we work tirelessly on research to implement successful advertising strategies, study all of the components for a knock-out campaign or event, consume mass amounts of data to better understand our target audience, and the moment we think we’ve got this whole PR thing down to a science…

Here comes Beyoncé, making ‘No PR’ an actual PR strategy—dropping chart-topping albums without notice like it’s NBD. Because, let’s face it, she’s Beyoncé and she can pretty much do whatever she wants.

However, the ever-evolving list of PR dos and don’ts leaves us with a refreshing freedom to do what we want with our PR philosophy, bringing us to today’s BuzzLine.

Recently, Facebook’s head of tech communications, Caryn Marooney, offered a PR philosophy in the form of an acronym, RIBS. First of all, ribs are delicious. Secondly, it made me a little curious. What would be my PR philosophy in acronym form?

My acronyms may look something like:

Build your own PR acronym using exactly six words (the acronym itself does not count as one of your words), and hopefully we can reward you and your wisdom next week with a cup of free Starbucks!


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