BuzzLine: PadillaCRT Personality Quiz

After attending the PRSA International Conference and Career Expo last week and answering questions from eager students about how to succeed in getting an interview at PadillaCRT, we thought it was time for a little quiz.

Agency life is all about culture. Working well as a team in brainstorms, meetings and office outings is almost as important when looking at prospective hires as great work experience or stellar recommendations.

To vet potential new employees, 88 Creative, a design and marketing agency in Toronto, created a BuzzFeed quiz to help applicants figure out if they would mesh with the company culture. With questions ranging from your favorite snack to your stance on the iOS vs. Android debate, quiz takers were able to see if their personality would be a good fit for the job.

So here’s what we want to know:

Current employees – what’s your six-word personality-based question to ask potential new hires? For example:

–          How do you define your purpose?

–          What do you enjoy on weekends?

And prospective hires, let’s hear your six-word personality pitch to convince us you’d fit in with the team. For example:

–          My Purpose: Think big. Dream bigger.

–          Passionate. Determined. Goofy. Eccentric. iOS Lover.

The most creative question or pitch will win a Starbucks gift card. It won’t make the hiring process any easier, but it will give you a drink with enough energy to conquer the toughest of brainstorms, that perpetually overflowing inbox, or the hardest of interviews.


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