BuzzLine: I <3 DC… and NY, LA, Minneapolis, Richmond and Norfolk

I. Love. Washington, D.C. You might not, and that’s fine by me. (Haterz gon’ hate.)

contact-wdcDeclaring pride in your hometown is empowering. It’s basically like saying, “I am partially defined by [insert city in which you live] and I am totally OK with that.”

In all seriousness, it’s a public acknowledgement of what makes you happy, what makes you feel comfortable and even what you stand for. Even more importantly, hometown pride is something that is shared – it unites us with our neighbors, creating community.

Sure, there are some things about DC that I don’t love. The roads are confusing (“so, you’re telling me that ‘Eye’ Street and ‘I’ Street are the same thing?”), there’s all kinds of traffic (“seriously, I’m going to be late because the president is taking a long lunch break!”) and the ever annoying taxation without representation (“does anyone else find it silly that it’s on our license plates?”).

BUT, there are a lot of great things, too. My six words might go something like:

PadillaCRT has six offices in six wonderful, beautiful and different cities (DC + Minneapolis, New York, Richmond, Los Angeles and Norfolk, Va.), and our readers come from all over. I’m hoping to see a variety of cities represented in the comments!

What’s YOUR hometown and why do YOU love it? Tell us in six words for a chance to win a Starbucks gift card.


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