BuzzLine: Holiday Beer Brainstorm!

There’s pumpkin beer, cranberry beer, pizza beer, steak beer, banana beer… SRIRACHA FLAVORED BEER. This is not a drill; I repeat, this is not a drill.

It’s everywhere, in every shape and size and bottle and color and so forth and so on. We’ve certainly been aboard the beer-buzz train. We gave you a list of amazing Oktoberfest events, told you about the best fall beers, and even how to properly pair your cider. But now we want you to tell us something.

In exactly six words, tell us some holiday beer flavors that absolutely need to exist this season. Some of your must-have beer flavors might look something like:

Tell us your dream holiday beer, and maybe we’ll send you a Starbucks gift card… they may even be selling your dream beer by the time you use it. Cheers!


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