BuzzLine: Fools or Not?

Earlier this week, the pranksters of the world got to celebrate my least favorite holiday, April Fools’ Day…DUN, DUN, DUUUUN. I don’t consider myself a gullible person, but then this special day comes around and I’ll believe literally anything I see—like that Samsung came out with a “smart knife,” or that someone invented a “Selfie Shoe.” It’s infuriating, but brands love it.

Thanks to, I was able to peruse some of this year’s best brand-centric April Fools’ jokes before my gullible paranoia became too much for me. Some of the ideas were too good to be true, like the 5-day cheese cleanse; some of them were probably not far off, like the Domi-NO-Driver; and others were completely ridiculous, like the Double Crunch Oreo…I can’t even.

But there were a couple of ideas that I came across and thought to myself, “Why isn’t this already a real thing?”

Two ideas in particular grabbed my attention as complete, no-brainer ideas:

1. Target’s FannyBasket—I know a few moms out there who would shamelessly sport the FannyBasket on one hip with their precious babes on the other. On the other hand, I know a few more 20-somethings who would shamelessly strap on a FannyBasket to keep their hands free for their Starbucks and their cell phones—Target necessities. Everybody wins.

target2. PlayStation Flow—Can you imagine going to an aquatic workout class, throwing on your virtual gaming gear, and playing against your classmates? I don’t even think I need to defend this idea anymore. Sheer brilliance.

So this brings us to today’s BuzzLine…I want to hear your six-word tagline, pitch or headline that you would want to see for these products in real life. Your answers might look something like:

You can leave your answers here on the Buzz Bin, submit them via Facebook or Tweet them at us—just make sure to use the handy-dandy hashtag #BuzzLine. At the end of the month, the best answer will win a $25 Target gift card—maybe by then they’ll have a FannyBasket you can use and a PlayStation Flow to spend your winnings on. Ready, set, GO!

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