BuzzLine: Fly Little Peep!

Finally, spring has sprung.

peepsI know this because the sun is shining, it feels great here in RVA and Peeps have made their annual migration to the candy aisle.

The Easter-time favorite, however, is about to make a push for year-round relevance.

According to BusinessWeek, Peeps’ manufacturer Just Born will launch Peeps Minis on May 1. The “bite-sized, flavored version of the old-time candy” will come in three flavors: strawberry crème, chocolate crème and sour watermelon.

This week on the BuzzLine, let’s see if we can help the little Peeps take flight – with some six-word taglines, of course!

Maybe… Peeps Minis:

I know you can do better than that… Here are the rules.

Put your suggested SIX-WORD (no more, no less) tagline in the comments below. If we like yours best, you’ll win a Starbucks gift card for a treat of your choosing. Marshmallows optional.

We’ll announce a winner next week. And congrats to last week’s winner, Lauren Smith!

Now, Peep it up.

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