BuzzLine: Facebook’s Next Big Acquisition

what's up docEhh, WhatsApp, Zuck?

Despite recent reports of dropping numbers of teen users, Facebook’s business seems to be booming.

At least, that is, as attested by its recent $19 billion acquisition of mobile messaging service, WhatsApp.

Despite the hefty price tag and seemingly unrelated social media functions, analysts say it was a worthy investment, estimating that WhatsApp and Facebook will “more closely resemble each other over time, potentially creating noteworthy competition.”

Only time will tell.

Rather than stew on the value of Facebook’s latest big buck bargain, let’s whip up some billion-dollar business ideas of our own!

In six words, pitch your $19 billion big idea to Mark Z. in the comments section. There’s no doubt Zuck reads the BuzzLine every Friday!


Once you enter your big idea, don’t forget to stop back in and VOTE for your favorite with our new BuzzLine user voting function.

Ready, set, GO!

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