BuzzLine: “Eye of the Tiger” Caption Contest

This week, the BuzzLine is mixing things up. We’re asking for your best caption-writing skills.

Here goes!

Just like the kiddies at summer camp, tiger cubs at the National Zoo in Washington, D.C., had to take a swim reliability test this week to prove they were fit to go on exhibit. They passed. (Talk about a heck of a final exam!) 

Of course, the national media went “gaga” over these tiny tigers. It just goes to show you that animals and babies still sell. And animal babies? Forgetaboutit!

Think fast! In six words, give us your best caption for the picture above.

How about:

You Seinfeld fans will recognize the second example.

Leave your six-word response in the comments. The best caption gets a Starbucks gift card. Congrats to this past week’s winner, Kim Blake, in our DC office!

Keeping with this week’s topic, here’s Katy Perry’s Roar, just for fun!

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